Mashiter’s cast is led by the superb Greta Gould, whose child-like-ness only ever feels the result of relentless projections.
— Stewart Pringle, Exeunt Magazine, 'A Doll's House' 2015
Gould is particularly remarkable as Nora, successfully portraying her innocence and naivety that gradually turns into despair and eventually determination.
— Tessa Hart, Female Arts, 'A Doll's House' 2015
The desperation of Nora is heartbreaking to watch and yet Gould is remarkably fair in her portrayal of this lost and damaged woman. There is a great sensitivity in the voice given to Nora from Gould and the audience begin to feel how heavy this burden is she has placed herself in is.
Gould is wonderfully cast as Nora and manages to create a genuine sense of urgency in her character that is still sprite and youthful but weighted down with guilt.
— The New Current, 'A Doll's House' 2015
Polyxena (a gripping performance from Greta Gould) knows that only slavery or death await her when they are finally discovered...
— Strat Mastoris, Fringe Review, 'Fragments of a Fallen City' 2014 is very funny especially a borderline psychotic Hansel.
— The Public Reviews, 'A Neon Fairytale' 2010